2645 S. Santa Fe Drive, Unit 7-O, Denver, CO 80223, USA

(303) 730-6001

Denver's Dart Supply Headquarters!

Darts and Parts offers an extremely wide variety of tungsten and brass darts for all levels of dart shooters. Because we are always bringing in new and cutting edge darts, we're simply unable to publish current inventory stock. Please visit us at our store in Denver, Colorado to see and try out the newest darts on the market.

Darts and Parts stocks only the longest lasting dartboards, all made from sisal fiber. The dartboard wiring varies from traditional roundwire, to state of the art super thin imbedded wire to reduce bounceouts. Our cabinets are all made of sturdy finger jointed quality wood with interesting designs, fully able to support the heavier dartboards of today. We also boast an impressive variety of wall protectors that are a viable alternative to cabinets. All of our cabinets come with internal scoreboards, but for the wall protectors we offer a huge variety of classy scoreboards, that can also be bought separately if a scoreboard is the one thing you're missing. Many different throwlines are also featured to complete your "man (or woman) cave" project.